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County Officers and Directors

Bergen County USBC, INC.,

Granted a Charter by the United States Bowling Congress: August 1, 2018

2021-2022 Officers

President: Norman Sees* (Joined BCBA 2008)

1st Vice President: Claude Greenip* (Joined BCBA 2004)

Association Manager: Bob Fabian* (Joined BCBA 2016)


Charlonda "Charlie B" (Joined BCWBA 2014)

Robert Fabian (Joined BCBA 2016)

Claude Greenip* (Joined BCBA 2004)

Bob Kopcha* (Joined BCBA 2014)

Lisa Fabian (Joined BCBA 2021)

John Nappi (Joined BCBA 2022)


* - Denotes Past President

BC USBC & Youth Directors

Bob Perry (Joined BCBA 2017)

Norman Sees* (Joined BCBA 2008)

Dennis Hofmann Jr. (Joined BCBA 2011)

Living - Life-Members of Bergen County USBC

Scott Deliantis* 1989

Pete Gurrieri* 2001

Claude Greenip* 2004

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